[BNM] Kerb's new site.

Jeremy Keith bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Tue May 21 14:45:56 2002

Pete Barr-Watson wrote:
> This discussion is useful from a usability point of view, but really - 
> do we
> have to listen to crap like the comment above?

after Jamie Freeman wrote:
> Still - a thousand times better than their previous site with the stupid
> ice-cream thing.

The previous Kerb site was pretty damn nifty *for its time*. The 
expression Jim McNiven used to describe it recently was "tired", which 
is fair enough.
It was a good representation of Kerb then but not so good for Kerb now. 
That's kind of the whole point of a redesign.

I did the same thing myself. My first site 
(http://adactio.com/version1/) was a DHTML affair with frames. It wasn't 
bad, per se, but after a while it wasn't a true reflection of me and my 
work. That's why I redesigned the site with valid code and CSS with 
accessibility in mind - the things that are important to me now.

Jamie, Kerb aren't in the business of building sites to please 
everybody. One look at their client base will show that they're not 
after any local government contracts. They build sites that excite some 
people while totally disgusting others (sort of like Apple in the 
computer world). They could build sites to just please everybody but 
then they also wouldn't excite anybody (sort of like Microsoft...).

Pete, you're going to have to get used to hearing some pretty extreme 
opinions on this list :-)
Frankly, I don't think there's a single web site out there that 
everybody on this list would agree is "good".

Personally, I like the polarisation of opinions but I must admit it 
makes me kind of scared to offer up my newest site for critique.

Mat Walker wrote:
> The main thing I like is the fact that
> it *is* different and streets ahead of the usual crap company 
> homepages...
> ...Mmmmm, which photo library did you get that picture of "Man with
> Brief Case" from?

LOL! Don't forget the ubiquitous two-guys-in-suits-shaking-hands shot.

By the way, I'd like to create a by-law of Godwin's Law so that whenever 
J*k*b N**ls*n's name is invoked, the thread is immediately dead.

Jeremy Keith

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