was: Re: [BNM] who is this mr rogers?[OT]

Alexander Beston
Sat Mar 1 00:55:04 2003

 "There's a time and place to use the shift key, and it's
> for everything apart from capitalisation"

ahh yes, very true. is a T not a t? i can assume T is a t so therefore T is
useful for text compression as the two cases of t come down to ascii code
btw, Paul your consonants msg, was funny, but i tried to make a joke back,
which you missed. i said i wrote a compression util that took out vowels. it
wouldnt be a util just a function.( its not really saying anything in other
words)  not really funny at all and your consonant jibe much better.

> What with all the talk of website design styles, sometimes it's good to
> back to discussing ASCII styles.

ascii is excellent for showing video streams:

Check This Out :


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