[BNM] Designing for Netscape 4

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Fri Mar 7 13:30:15 2003

Thanks for the feedback ....

Jeremy wrote

> That seems like a very arbitrary smattering of browser versions. Why do 
> you want to support Netscape back to version 4 but IE only back to 
> version 5? I'm pretty sure there are as many users of IE4 as Netscape 4.

I agree with your suggestion to 'code to the standards' and I suppose I 
should be more specific. The browsers I mentioned, with the partial exception 
of Opera 6 (though not 7), appear to support the same level of DOM and CSS., 
providing me with a good basis for designing the kinds of dynamic sites I am 
interested in seeing online. NN4 does not! :)

If there are other browsers of a similar capability to the ones I mentioned, 
I would test for them also (I am on a Windows PC). for example, is Windows 
version of Safari due out, and is Lynx a Linux-only browser?

I think the use of @import is a great idea and I will look into it.

However, I also agree with Andy when he wrote:

> Netscape 4 is a buggy browser that does a very poor job of supporting 
> even the basic web and accessibility standards. Further more it has 
> such low usage, I don't see why you should have to reduce peoples 
> experience (and possibly accessibility) to cater for a 6 year old piece 
> of broken software, especially one that is free to upgrade

I was feeling that this may be the case. Is it an acceptable strategy for 
public sites to come up with a message to the effect that your browser is not 
adequate for the site? :)

I can remember a few years back trying to access the bol.com site and was 
told I needed a version 4 browser to enter the site. I am assuming it was not 
this that made them go bust. :)


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