[BNM] Mac OS 9 startup disk - help!

Robert Stevens bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Sun Mar 9 18:35:00 2003

Nick Sayers9/3/03 06:08 PMmail@nicksayers.com
> So, do you mean you copied your System Folder (complete with its accumulated
> detritus), Norton Utilities and AntiVirus directly from your hard disk onto
> a CD? I suppose that's worth a try, but I kinda felt what I was doing was
> cleaner and more elegant. I'm sure it must be possible in some form.
Actually, it may be best to go back to a "OS9 Base" set of Extensions first
before you do a copy of your system folder. Loads quicker that way as Start
Up from CD is somewhat slower...

> I'm also worried about using Norton again, and want it to be as clean as
> possible. I had a VERY bad experience with it when using Mac OS 8.6.
Tech Tool Pro is better than Norton I'd say...