[BNM] Flash MX scroll pane madness

James Marsden bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Mon Mar 10 12:35:01 2003

/***** Alistair Mcdonald wrote: *******/

Just thought of something... I don't think attachMovie returns anything
so new_bar will be null. Try new_bar = eval(foo) once you have attached
the movie. HTH Al

Sorry, not near Flash at the moment - if you have a look in the
ActionScript dictionary under "Movieclip.attachMovie()" it says what the
method returns, if anything.

 new_height = 20;
 for (i=1;i<=report.total;i++){
 	new_bar = 
 r_mc", "player_bar_mc"+p, p++);
 	new_bar._x = 20;
 	new_bar._y = new_height;
 	new_bar._width = eval("report.players"+i);
 	new_height += 20;


attachMovie does return a reference to the object, as this block of code
works fine when attaching to movieClips that aren't within a ScrollPane.

I'll have a look at the getScrollContent() suggestion from Mr. Budd

While we're still on the subject, even a simple:
myComboBox.setValue("Whatever"); doesn't work in my copy of MX.  And yes
this is after setting the editable parameter to true, and after using
the myComboBox.setEditable(true) method...





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