YA CV OK? was : Re: [BNM] Repetitive Mistake Syndrome

Paul Silver bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Mon Mar 10 17:15:01 2003

Don't put it in PDF, just do a version in text with a link to it or in
very simple HTML. Most recruitment companies will re-format your CV to
their standard anyway, and often it just gets cut and paste in to their
candidate tracking software (so they can do searches) and loses all
formatting anyway.

"All they have to do is knock off the "cv" at the end of the URL" - they
won't. If you want people to e-mail you, put the address/link on the
page you are suggesting they look at.

Drop the photo entirely until you can find someone with a digital camera
who will mail you the result.

The text in the 'Travelling Distance' box is a bit, well, wankerish.
Just tell them some big places you're willing to work if you want to put
a limit on it.

Personally, I'd move 'Web Design & Internet Knowledge' so it's above the
bulletted list, as it's full of stuff that sounds better. I'd also drop
'Good "netiquette"' in case they search Google for you (this is only
partially a joke.)

You could probably drop 'Web Design' from interests, as it's part of the
job you're looking for. Mainly 'Interests' are there to show you have a
life outside of work that people in interviews can talk to you about.



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Alexander Beston 
> ive checked the skillsearch. nice as it is, i want to do 
> something different from what it says. however, i think what 
> i will do is both, and so have a white paper back up of the 
> CV thats on PDF.
> ive added a skills section now and done the jobs in reverse 
> order as pointed out. someone in chelmsford asked me today to 
> take off the contact details. presumably they dont want the 
> employer to contact me direct and so they lose out on their 
> share. fair enough. i might have to have 2 versions though. 
> its easy enough for them to find the email if its on my site. 
> all they have to do is knock off the "cv" at the end of the URL.
>  i need a new photo to boot. no camera. ni dollars a la banco!
> i need to know where to get a PDF creator. tricky one that. 
> no money in the bank. catch 22?