[BNM] Embarrassingly dumb html path question

Andy Smith bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Fri Mar 14 16:15:00 2003

Andy Budd wrote:

> It's never seemed to work on any servers that i've used.
> I'm uploading a site at the moment that is being hosted on a shared
> server and all the HTML is using absolute method. Non of it works so
> I'm having to go though doing a find and replace on all the
> paths witch
> is a bit of a drag.

You may have problems if your site root is in a subdirectory rather than the root directory of the server. For example:

Your site root:           http://www.example.com/site/
Page with the link on it: http://www.example.com/site/dir1/page1.html
Page you want to link to: http://www.example.com/site/dir2/page2.html

If in page1.html you have <a href="/dir2/page2.html"> the browser will resolve this to http://www.example.com/dir2/page2.html - in this case you would want to make sure all your relative URLs of this form start with "/site/" rather than "/".

Or are you having problems with a site where the site root is the same as the server root, like http://www.example.com/ ? If so I think it must be a browser bug, although I haven't heard of any browsers with a bug like that.

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