[BNM] [OT] A little appropriate for the current atmosphere

Jeremy Brown bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Mon Mar 17 08:40:18 2003

It does feel as though the war correspondants of the world are looking
forward to it.  So hears a little transcript from The Day Today just to whet
your whistle.

MORRIS: War! [He's delighted] Gentlemen, I'll put you on hold - if fighting
did break out, it would probably take place in Eastmantown in the Upper
Cataracts on the Australio-Hong Kong border. Our reporter Donald Bethl'hem
is there now - Donald, what's the atmosphere like?

BETHL'HEM: Tension here is very high, Chris - the stretched twig of peace is
at melting point. People here are literally bursting with war. This is very
much a country that's going to blow up in its face.

MORRIS: Well gentlemen, it seems we have little option now but to declare
war immediately!

CRASTE: This - this is quite impossible, I couldn't possibly take such a
decision without referring to my superior, Chris Patten, and he's in Hong

MORRIS: Good, because he's on the line now via satellite. Mr Patten - what
do you think of the idea of a war now?

[Patten nods his head absently.]

MORRIS: I'll take that as a yes!

CRASTE: Very well, it's war!

HAWTRY: War it is!

[Behind Bethl'hem, a shell explodes.]

BETHL'HEM: That's it, Chris - it's war! War has broken out - this is a war!

MORRIS: That's it! Yes - it's war!

[The normal blue studio lighting changes to a blood red. A wall of huge
letters spelling 'WAR' is illuminated. Technicians pour in and start turning
the studio into a media command centre. Craste and his desk are hurriedly
wheeled away.]