[BNM] [OT] cook resigns

Andy Budd bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Mon Mar 17 22:40:01 2003

Good speech. Some interesting points eloquently made.

However being the eternal cynic I do wonder if his stand has more to do 
with his own political aspirations than his moral stand. After all 
wasn't it Cook who pushed though lot's of defense contracts to 
Indonesia, India and Israel despite the so called ethical foreign 

If there is a big back bench revolt against Blair, Cook will be 
perfectly positioned as a viable alternative. He's one of the most high 
profile Labour MP's and because of his stand against the war will have 
a good level of support amongst Labour members as well as the country 
as a whole.

When is the next election due? Can't be too long off.

p.s. sorry if I'm being too cynical but he is a politician after all. 
If this is his motive then it's truly inspired.