[BNM] Java Sound.. does it really have less rhythm than crap dancers?

Tom Hume bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Tue Mar 18 07:15:00 2003

The Nokia UI APIs include sound support for J2ME - at minimum allowing you=
to play tones and simple ringtones, with optional support for a cut-down=20
MIDI format, WAVs etc. www.forum.nokia.com is the place to go.

I think I've heard the Beatnik engine mentioned as a mobiley sound thing...

At 17:08 17/03/2003 +0000, Joel Hughes wrote:

> >>Joel wrote: Whats this for? For the web? Mobile?
>I ask because, on the Nokias atleast, they generally use a 3rd party
>Java product for polyphonic sound reproduction. I cannae find the URL at
>the mo but its there someone in the nokia developer site. This third
>party (miniBeat or something like that) have lots of different sized
>music java engines and have a nice looking sound creation program.
>Obviously if you want to get your hands dirty and program yourself this
>wont help much but I thought I'd mention it, shame I can't find the URL.
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