brighton tradespersons list was( [BNM] New BNM link page )

Alexander Beston
Wed Mar 19 16:55:22 2003


> It seems that
> from the initial concept in your first paragraph of a list of
> trustworthy tradespeople, you've moved through the problems associated
> with blacklisting tradespeople and then on to actually listing every
> tradesperson in Brighton.

ahh yes - i tried to look at the whole thing, finding out what i would be
letting myself in for if i put up a list and asked for contributions.
personally i want to get to 40 without any personal rearrangements from
brighton builders.

> I think you got carried away thinking about the issue.

i like getting carried away by swindling plumbers and "ooh, that'll cost
alot to sort out." when the fucking parts are about 45 quid. apparently
theres this shop up north where you can go in, tell the chap your problem,
sells you the bits and how to DIY.

 the other thing i like to have a go at is the 30 something female
journalists like maddy bunting in yesterdays' C & A, talking just like an
older sister (because she seems to know him *so* well)  pointing out her
immature younger brother (the PM's) inadequacies, the current one being
"attention seeking" and using academics to back up the "are men really just
boys and us women need to intervene when they make yet another mess". i can
see this nationwide slow head shaking (ie i mean the opposite of the nod)
from the responsible ladies.

>The initial
> proposal is a good one - if you've had good service, you submit it and
> everyone gains. If you haven't, you don't.

yes but people love to bitch, especially when they know the exact amount
theyve been ripped off.  this is great material to put online but i was
trying to assess the risks.

>Then there's no fear of
> reprisals

yes, thats precisely what i pointed out - speak no evil and no evil is
rest'd upon you. see my last post.

>and you wouldn't have to spend much time managing it.


> WRT tradesmen signing up themselves, there's not much you can do save to
> restrict the postings to BNM members and hope that they don't sign up to
> the list themselves.

i think if a list could help put a stop to the real bad guys then fab, but
though delighted homehomes would breath a collective sigh, i might wonder if
it was really worth it has i try to get up some stairs in my new wheelchair.