[BNM] attack on iraq started

Gordon Martin bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Thu Mar 20 10:10:36 2003

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From: Joel Hughes 
Hasn't diplomacy been tried? 

Not to it's full extent otherwise the inspectors would have been allowed to
complete their job

From: Joel Hughes 
'obliterate the innocents' - now your just been typically dramatic.

Only as dramatic as @ was in his mail that I was replying to. Is dramatic
speech the sole preserve of the pro war lobby?

From: Joel Hughes 
'Do You seriously think that this is a good thing to do?' - it's the
least worst of all options

In your opinion, maybe.

From: Joel Hughes 
'If so please turn in your human identification and return to the wild.'
- wtf?

sarcasm is totally lost on you isn't it...

From: Joel Hughes 
'suppressing the weak and underprivileged.' - please clarify? Who is
been suppressed here?

That'd be the third world country that has been suppressed for the last 12
years by the west to the detriment of the general people and funnily enough
not too detrimental to the rich ruling regime.