[BNM] BookSwap (Was wrox in liquidation)

Mark Walker bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Thu Mar 20 11:50:14 2003

isn't there a site somewhere that does something like this:
1. you find a book in a public place and it has a sticker on it 
inviting you to read it
2. it has a url on the sticker that you visit to log the fact that 
you have the book
3. you read the names and opinions of the people who've also found that book
4. you read the book
5. you leave it in a public place
i remember when I saw it that it thought it would be a brilliant 
thing to run in cafe-strewn brighton... except it may be trickier to 
keep the flow going with technical reference manuals than mills and 

anyway we could launch the idea in the festival, and I could speak to 
o'reilly books [who sponsor the virtual festival] about sponsoring it 
eg kick start process with some books [indeed we've got some already]

sponsorship pays for a portable isbn scanner for every cafe which 
agrees to take part...


>Sounds like you've got this down pat. Obviously we'd want to get an 
>ISBN scanner as well and link this in with the web application so we 
>don't have to manually type the stuff in.
>Sod Amazon. Open source book lending. Like it.
>You never know, in a few years time there may be places in every 
>town that allow you to borrow books for free!
>Seriously though. Love the idea. If anybody could be arsed it could be cool.
>On Wednesday, March 19, 2003, at 12:09 PM, Crosbie Fitch wrote:
>>We have a premium collection as well as the standard 'coffee mug/pizza
>>grease/bogie wipe' collection.
>>The premium collection has a quality rating system with a 10 point scale of
>>quality from 'new' to 'dog-eared/creased spine, but good condition'. Each
>>time the book slips a point, it costs the borrower 10% of the book price
>>(upon dispute, a review panel determines how many points it's dropped). By
>>definition, a book automatically slips at least one point each time it's
>>borrowed. No money exchanges hands, but in order to obtain 'credit', books
>>(that are at least 2 points on the scale) must be donated to the premium
>>collection. Once a book reaches 0, it goes to the standard collection. Books
>>can be listed as 'available on request' to the premium collection.
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