[BNM] [OT] Today I are be mostly listening to....

Dave Phelan bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Thu Mar 20 12:00:01 2003

At 11:45 20/03/2003 +0000, iestyn lloyd wrote:

> > > Should stop me getting wound up by the extreme right wing
> > knobheads on this list.
> >
> > That's JB, Joel H. and Dave Ph., *not* the entire list, I'm
> > referring to - in case that's not clear!
>I agree. Dave Ph is almost guilty of inciting racial hatred. I've seen
>him with his white hood and burning cross. :-?
>Dude, wtf are you on about?

Maybe he thinks I don't like Macs?

Bernard: I <heart> Macs

Dave Ph

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