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Phil Booth
Thu Mar 20 15:05:01 2003

Sorry, I can't seem to find (Alex's?) original mail - maybe it was too big for
the digest?

However it seems related to something I was looking into / thinking about a
few months back - namely, a 'fair price in my area' service. Something along
the lines of (i.e. a geographic search engine) with
straightforward advice on how to deal with / find a good tradesperson and
'localised' price guides (so you know if you're being ripped off, or if you
should be suspicious) for common jobs.

The whole point would be for people to recommend AND RATE different companies,
so companies can put themselves forward - but have to deliver! It would work
as a free service, but registration would be required (e.g. to be able to
handle 'sabatoeurs' & disputes). The whole point being to generate and
maintain a UK-wide but locally accessible directory of trustworthy traders.

I thought about approaching Trading Standards to see if they'd chip in for a
demo / prototype, or if it got off the ground some sort of endorsement /
sponsorship, but loads of other work came up so I didn't. Be more than happy
to chat off-list about it, though.

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