[BNM] [OT] protest thurs night

iestyn lloyd bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Fri Mar 21 13:45:02 2003

> No, it made life a lot more uncomfortable for commuters, 
> business people, people with children, careworkers etc. Makes 
> fuck all difference to the government, who aren't going to 
> back down even in the face of public opinion and over a 
> quarter of their own party voting against them.

Oh, you're right :( 
Lets just not bother. 
In fact, why not make protesting illegal? We must never inconvenience
commuters and business people, that's absolutely awful.
> What a bunch of heroes, knocking over pot plants and spraying 
> computer screens in the town hall.

Indeed - its inexcusable.  No call for that at all. 

If you're going to protest, protest peacefully.