[BNM] [OT] Music piracy is all British Telecom's fault

Alex Farran bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Fri Mar 21 16:55:14 2003

<snip Digital Art Aution chat>

I like it, now you've explained it a bit more.  The final auction
shouldn't run over too long a period, ebay seems to have got that
about right.  That's not very long to spread the word though.  An
advantage of the conventional model is that initial sales promote
further sales through word of mouth.  Maybe the auction could be
phased from preliminary through to final to give bidders an idea of
the time remaining.  Or the release could be broken down into the
first few tracks / chapters followed by the remainder.

As a bidder I'd like to be able to amend / withdraw my bid up until a
certain point.

I'd love to see this idea develop in practice.  If it works I'm sure
it would throw up some unexpected results.  I can imagine a situation
where a few high paying bidders buy just a few copies which they go on
to sell to larger numbers.  Perhaps through auction again, maybe
enhancing the product in some way.


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