smash up their little boxes was ( Re: [BNM] thats ester[OT]

Alexander Beston
Sat Mar 22 03:55:00 2003


> > i sing at the Ipswich Bach Choir
> No kidding? Me too.

you werent at the last 4 rehearsals. hang on, what are we going to perform?

Do you know Susie?

more details. how old?

  vicious, they are, i
> > tell you.
> Upstarts. The Playstation Generation. What can you do - part from
> them?

smash their little boxes with the little blue "on" light  and put the nasty
little controllers into buckets of acid and make them watch whilst in the
stocks. then, play bachs organ music (my favourite passaglia & fugue is
tremendous)  to them. more ideas to follow ...