[BNM] [OT] [war] protests kicking arse

Nick Taylor bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Mon Mar 24 13:51:54 2003

>> The flow of information is no longer controlled by corporate or
>> state owned institutions

>BT? NTL? Vodafone? T' Mobile? O2? Orange? TV? Radio? "News" papers?

Exactly. Traditional broadcast media (TV? Radio? "News" papers?) have
content that is controlled, either directly or by some sort of vague
journalistic/editorial consensus, by people who more often than not, have a
vested interest in not always telling the truth. One-to-one
communications... well, not easy to control, but quite limited for
disseminating ideas. What the web/email makes possible is everyone having
their own printing press/distribution network etc etc.

So (for example) when Lawrence Eagleburger (US secretary of state), gets on
the TV last night and says that they're not going to let the UN rebuild Iraq
because "We'd just have the French nattering at us, trying to veto
everything...", in spite of what our leaders told us earlier... well, what
isn't mentioned is that Mr Eagleburger is a director of Halliburton, a
company formerly headed by Dick Cheney, which (quelle suprise) secured in
2001, a ten year contract with the US, running the logistical side of
military operations, the entire value of which estimated to be in the area
of $830 million.

I found this out using google, and I've just told around 500 people about
it, and it's taken about 5 minutes.