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Ah Tapestry.... yes.... funny that one should come up.... have a rather
large part in building/maintaining that one!! (as does Jeremy)

Well i'd be foolish not to say that their holidays are bloody good
(especially as this is a public list and i'm in line for a free one whenever
i want it)
Maybe a bit pricey for you though Yezza! depends on how much your willing to

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> Its that time of year again...

1. Get the tapestry holidays brochure (or check their website - nice QTVR
panoramas of everything) www.tapestryholidays.com

2. The holiday industry is a bit screwed at the moment - iirc bookings are
down 30-40% across the board so it might be worth holding on for some hefty

3. Try Skopelos, Alonissos, Peloponnese and Symi for a typically Greek
atmosphere.... just a stone's throw from the lush golden beach which boasts
a selection of bars and tavernas where you can sip a drink and simply watch
the world go by. Alternatively, for the more adventurous, there are plenty
of water sports on hand.

God, I can write that crap without thinking now.

Lucky I'm escaping this travel job in 2 weeks (wayhay! back to being a
lunatic programmer! happy, happy, joy, joy etc)


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