[BNM] PHP + PostNuke + phpAuction-2.1 - retargetting?

Crosbie Fitch bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Tue Mar 25 01:00:01 2003

Just got phpAuction-2.1 ticking over on PostNuke.  (take it from me that
Zope is nope for the time being).

Had to hack-fix a load of include issues, path issues, SQL query bugs, etc.
I still wouldn't trust it to be stable.

Now the question is this:

In totally retargetting the phpauction code to a new type of auction, do I:
1) Start afresh, gradually nicking bits from the operational version,
adjusting as necessary, until the new one is fully operational
2) Modify in situ so that it's always fully operational, but only
retargetted at the end

There's evidently quite a few barge pole marks (hacks) in the phpauction
code, and it relies a lot on register_globals. Someone bunged in phpAdsNew
into it as well.

I'll think about it, but if anyone has 'been there, done that' and has a big
opinion, it'll be most welcome.

NB The fully OO version won't happen until I understand the current version,
so I'm just wondering which of the two options above will be easiest.