[BNM] PHP open source CMS update

Tom Nixon bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Fri Mar 28 17:35:17 2003

Hi everyone

Just in case you thought it had gone a bit quiet on the CMS front,
here's the latest....

After a few last minute jitters, my first client is going ahead with his
site which is going to pay for Trevor Simmons to build the core elements
of a new CMS.

As usual, the client wants the site finished on a fairly tight schedule
so we have to start work pretty much straightaway. However, I don't want
this to compromise the 'co-operative' aspect of the CMS project. I don't
want everyone else to feel left out of the process because I know that
if that happens, they won't start using the CMS when it's built.

So this is how I plan to take things from here:

Firstly, Trevor and I would like to meet up next week with the more
hardcore database people to discuss our plans for the underlying
architecture and database schema. Such a meeting won't be effective with
too many people present, but if you can add a lot of value at this point
then we'd love to get you in on it (email me off-list).

Next, Trevor is going to write a specification which we'll circulate and
get feedback on before the coding proper begins.

Once we have a working system, we're going to run a series of workshops
with two themes:

1. Installing, configuring and building websites using the CMS (i.e. a
general users workshop)

2. In-depth workshops explaining the inner workings of the system for
those people who will be interested in heavy modifications or extending
the CMS.

In other words, free training for your free software, and also a chance
to provide your input into improving it.

The plan is that this will help seed a community of developers around
the CMS so we can all help each other out, benefit from each other's
improvements, and spread the word further.

I hope this sounds OK to everyone. Please email me off-list or give me a
ring if you want to discuss the project further. This is the first open
source project I've attempted to organise so I'm bound to get some
things wrong and need to be told when I do so!



P.S. Can anyone think of a name for the project? Something that reflects
our Brighton angle without mentioning burning piers would be cool :)

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