[BNM] heres a tricky one

Alexander Beston bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Sun Mar 30 13:30:00 2003

> I'd give it more than 4 days if i were you!! in my limited experience some
> companies (especially smaller ones) tend to sit on invoices for as long as
> possible.

yup i think i will try the 28 days deal, then a red letter after 52 days
with the 59th day in court. small claims.

> IMHO taking sites offline and making HTML for cash style ransome demands
> makes you look un-professional,

i agree

 unless of course the client has told you
> straight up that they are not going to pay you!

> agression never solved anything (no Iraq comparisons please!), well not
> always anyway.


  or you may have to
> factor it into your contract (i'd guess at 28 days but INAL).


 anyway, thanks for your suggestions. one of the sides to my scenario is
that the freelancer/ company salesman has to weigh up the ability to pay of
the clinet