[BNM] Thanks for Mac advice - I'm about to buy one! [OT]

Mark Walker bnmlist@brightonnewmedia.org
Mon Mar 31 17:35:00 2003

hello steve
deal seems okay except:
we have a 12 inch ibook and a 14 inch and I find the 12 inch miles 
more comfortable to use and rarely miss the extra screen space.
i also bought two refurbished 12 ibooks for about 800 quid each from 
cancom a year ago and both are still going fine
the 14 inch is a g3 and unless you step up to g4 you won't notice a 
lot of difference between any of the 600/700 models from the past 12 
months so a refurb may be better value and leave money for extra ram
still a good thing to have though!
ta ra

>Thanks for all Mac people advising me on a cheap Mac laptop.  I 
>managed to find what I think is a good deal, quite by accident.
>I happened to be in a PC World store over the weekend, not a local 
>one but one many miles away, and I saw an iBook 700 with 14inch 
>screen, 30Gig disk, 256Meg memory, DVD/CD writer, OSX ... for 998 
>inc VAT.  Ex display hence the price.
>I would not buy it at the time as they said it took them 3 hours to 
>reformat ready for sale(!) and I have to drive back to Brighton. 
>But today I have been on the phone to the shop and they are 
>reserving it until Saturday night.  I hate to say it, but they were 
>helpful (not something PCWorld are famed for).
>So this all seems like a good deal and saving quite a bit (even 
>after the cost of gas for the 300 mile round trip).
>Someone shout, before the weekend(!), if they think I am not getting 
>a good deal!  I will no doubt call the store on Friday night just to 
>make sure they have kept to their word.
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