[BNM] Freeview tuning [OT]

Derek Clarke derek_c at cix.co.uk
Mon Dec 19 11:51:00 GMT 2005

As you're raising this here I'm assuming you're talking about the 
Brighton area.

Brighton DTT comes from Whitehawk Hill, which is usually not what you 
need for analogue. 

So you may need another aerial pointing straight at it. 

The other problems are that although the transmitter is rather close, 
they use very low powers, and there are often buildings in the way.

Here are the stats for Whitehawk Hill:


or for those with short-URL only clients:


As can be seen, the BBC multiplex is on channel 66 and is one of the 
lowest power ones. So use your Freeview box's level meter facility 
(somewhere on the setup menus) to see if you can get anything from 
channel 66.

If your reference to UHF 48 means that you are using the Freeview box's 
modulator, you're better off not doing so. Use a Scart lead instead and 
switch the modulator off if you can.

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> *From:* Josh Russell <joshbnm at gmail.com>
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> *Date:* Sun, 18 Dec 2005 14:15:10 +0000
> hi all,
> just finally got freeview and i don't have BBC1 or BBC2! they just
> aren't there.....
> any tips on tuning them in? i'm using UHF 48 if that helps.... or
> means anything?!
> cheers!
> josh
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