[BNM] A call to the Flash/Actionscript people

iestyn lloyd iestyn at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 16:21:44 BST 2005

Hi Andy,

What version of flash player are you publishing for?
Also, are you using AS1 or AS2? 
Recently i've been getting into OOP AS2, and it really is the way
forward. I recommend using SEPY
(http://www.sephiroth.it/python/sepy.php) for editing the .as files.

There's loads of ways of doing what you want to accomplish, depends on
the above tho'.

Some good places for help are:

...and i'm sure there's people here on BNM (including me) who can help.

also...do you have a sample XML string?


> Hopefully some kind flash/actionscript guru could be kind enough to help
> me out on this?
> I'm trying to create a system that will read text into an array (from an
> RSS feed), and then that array to be converted into individual movie
> clips and sent in a continuous stream up the screen. The reason I'd like
> them individual movie clips is so that I can then animate individual
> clips, such as make one bigger or smaller, change the alpha, colour, etc.
> Getting text into an array is the easy part but now I have no idea how
> to continue!  The array is multi-dimensional and looks like this:
> array[0] = [title, date, text]
> array[1] = [title, date, text]
> array[n] = [title, date, text]
> All of the text is variable length.  From that, is it possible to create
> a movie clip of text so that the clip looks like:
> +-------+
> | title |
> | date  |
> | text  |
> +-------+
> (well, not *exactly* like that, but rather has that layout; title,
> followed by date, followed by the text) and have that be an arbitrary
> length?  Then, on top of that have a stream of clips animate up the
> screen in a continuous column (such that when clipn appears on the
> screen it's followed by clip1, clip2, and so on).
> +------------+
> |  ^^^       |
> | clip1      |
> | clip2      |
> | clipn      |
> +------------+
> Any hints, tips, suggests, books to read, sites to visit, etc. would
> really be appreciated!

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