[BNM] [OT] Car rental question

Max Williams toastkid.williams at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 14:01:45 BST 2015

Normally it is "pre-authorised" which means that they have the ability to
take it whenever they want, but they don't actually take it unless they
need to, ie you have an accident or whatever.  There's no "nominal debit"
of £1 or something.  Which company is it?

On 6 July 2015 at 13:58, Rob Mansfield <rob at robmansfield.net> wrote:

> Hi all
> I'm hiring a car on Weds for the day and paid online before discovering
> that on the day the car hire company takes a £200 deposit.
> Bad time of month as I don't have £200 in my account.
> What I'm wondering though is whether this is a 'nominal authorisation',
> rather than a charge, ie they charge your card £1 like pay at pump and then
> only take the full amount when necessary.
> I'd prefer not to cancel the booking as there's a £25 cancellation fee
> Thanks
> Rob
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