[BNM] Handing over the BNM reigns

Mat Walker lists at four0four.net
Wed Jul 22 16:51:46 BST 2015


15 years ago I setup BNM one bored lunchtime at work and without much effort on my behalf spawned the aged monster that it is today. I’m kinda proud of what it once was and how long its been going but I’ve let it rot over the past few years and I think its time I handed over the running of BNM to someone else who can give it some love. 

There are about 1000 subscribers on this Mailman mailing list and I do very little in the way of maintenance (occasionally people email me because they can’t unsubscribe or something). The kind people at Wessex Networks host it for free and also provide a bit of webspace for the (now none existent) website to live on.

So if you have some ideas and fancy breathing some life back into BNM drop me a line to let me know what you have in mind and we’ll take it from there.



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