[BNM] Handing over the BNM reigns

Mat Walker lists at four0four.net
Fri Jul 24 12:35:32 BST 2015

On 24 July 2015 at 12:24:32, Helana Bryant (spiralwarp at gmail.com) wrote:

Mat's quite explicit in his post. I read it as: 

It's not the technical management or the format that needs energy, 
rather the community activism, and vibrancy of the community that 
needs a little stoking. 

Yup. Thats the one. :)

It only needs one person to steer it (and do the light Mailman management) but a group of individuals doing other things under the BNM banner would be great in my opinion. Those things *could* be technical, like a new website for example, but they could also  be community events or something else.


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