[BNM] Repairing a STB

Patrick Sansom patrick_sansom at hotmail.com
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 Hi Mat and Tristan
thanks for your advice. Yeah, I don't think I wanna go to the trouble of replacing the hard drive and it may not fix the problem anyhow. Best buy a new one I think...


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I needed one for the bed room again and just went to one of the cash for product pawn shops as they had a stack of cheap ones in the corner of cabinet. I didn't need a new fancy one.?
There was a shop in hove that did TVs and boxes but I'm not sure if open still.?

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Given the relative low cost of these I doubt you?ll find anyone to repair it but If its just the hard drive thats gone you might well be able to swap it out for another one. I did it years ago on one of the first Freeview Recorders and it was pretty straight forward.?


Mat Walker
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On 26 July 2015 at 14:41:11, Patrick Sansom (patrick_sansom at hotmail.com) wrote:

Hi all  

Is there someone in Brighton who repairs Youview or Freeview Set-top box recorders?  

And as they generally costs around ?200 new, I'm not even sure if it's financially viable to fix them?  

Cheers, Patrick  



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