[BNM] 'Take Back The Net' Free Talk and Q&A on Wednesday 4th March, 7.30pm

Lydia Snodin lydiasnodin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 15:30:57 GMT 2015

Hi everyone,

I’ve organised a free public event in Brighton on Wednesday 4th March at
7.30pm (as in two days time). It’s a talk followed by Q&A with blogger,
journalist and digital rights activist Wendy M. Grossman about how we can
work together to make the internet more open and democratic.

More details for those interested here:

I was recommended this list by a colleague as people on the list might be
particularly interested in the topic. I read through the rules of the list
carefully but wasn’t sure whether sharing free public events was fine? As
we’re not profiting I assumed it would be okay :)

Lydia Snodin

Local Groups Co-ordinator
Open Rights Group

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