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Paralakis Panagioti p.paralakis at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 19:26:48 GMT 2015

The below rules are using white background. If you disable in both then
background is grey.

.home #content div.woocommerce-wrap .widget_brand_thumbnails

.home div.woocommerce .widget_brand_thumbnails


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2015-03-09 18:25 GMT+00:00 Oliver Marshall <oliver at olivermarshall.net>:

> Hi all
> Can someone help me with a CSS issue? On our test site at www dot
> marshallgames dot net you will see a Star Wars logo at the top of the
> screen. That should be on a grey background not a white one.
> If you disable the background setting in Inspector, the background remains
> white. The odd thing is, that appears to be inheriting the main body
> background, which is grey, not white.
> Also note that the white background goes from browser edge to edge, despite
> the ul/li and container div only being as wide as the main content.
> For the life of me I cant work out why it's got a white background.
> Also, the test site mainly doesn't work in IE due to something I haven't
> been bothered to fix so you'll need Chrome.
> Olly
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