[BNM] Beta testers needed for web hosting management system

Steve Gallagher steve at jumpstartuk.com
Wed Mar 11 16:05:24 GMT 2015

Hi all ­ this is my first post so please let me know if anything posted
isn¹t appropriate. 

We¹re looking for beta testers for a new release of our web hosting
management system, HOASTI. Some of you may have looked at this already but
it¹s been updated quite a bit. This update is based on a lot of the feedback
from our first round of testers in 2014.

We¹re a small team of six (http://www.jumpstartuk.com)  with HOASTI being an
internally funded personal studio project. We mainly work on HOASTI when
we¹re not doing client work but have have used it as our sole directory for
storing web, server and hosting information now for several months. We¹re
mainly trying to improve it so we would appreciate any suggestions,
critiques, etc. from anyone who would take the time to try it out and give
us some feedback. 

HOASTI is a secure cloud based system available for desktop and mobile
devices.  We developed HOASTI to make storing and accessing web hosting data
much simpler for agencies, web masters, developers and designers. HOASTI
allows users to record and search for client's website information i.e.
domains, passwords, servers and financial and billing information, and is
available to use free of charge whilst in beta.

Feel like a test drive of the system first? We've built a live demo to let
you experience HOASTI before signing up. Test drive it at -

If you're happy with what you see, you can start using HOASTI immediately by
signing up at - http://hoasti.com. We're interested in your feedback for the
entire user experience, so if you think there's a way we can improve any
processes related to sign up, registration and using HOASTI, please let us
know. You can also  contact us directly via Twitter at @hoastihq

You can also email me directly if you have any questions.



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