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Mon Mar 16 09:02:10 GMT 2015

"Enterprise" business applications are only ever as good as the support
package. The reason Dinosaur software companies like Oracle and SAP are
still able to turn revenue with their Jurassic software packages is because
they *really* understand support.

If you can offer a solid support package for OpenERP, either by reselling
that from the creator of the software or by doing it yourself then I guess
the customer will have a good experience and you can concentrate on
flogging them development services which I guess is what you really want to

Assuming the package has a comprehensive API i'd be trying to push them
towards the hosted version and save your self the ballache of having to
deal hardware and operating systems 'n shit. Its 2015. Use the cloud yo.

On Sunday, 15 March 2015, James Burt <james at orbific.com> wrote:

> Hello!
> Does anyone have any experience with OpenERP? How easy is it to work with?
> https://www.odoo.com/
> I've been asked to help with setting up some software for a (physical not
> data) warehouse. OpenERP looks to do everything it needs and is open
> source. However, based on my experiences with SugarCRM, I'm a little
> cautious. Is this package as good as it looks? I'm a little surprised I've
> not heard of it before, given the companies that use it and how powerful it
> seems.
> Thank you!
> James
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