[BNM] Any ColdFusion freelancers out there?

Paul Silver paul at paulsilver.co.uk
Tue Mar 17 12:28:57 GMT 2015


I know ColdFusion has become a bit of an obscure language now (even with
the Railo and Lucee open source versions), but I keep getting offered new
bits of freelance work to do with it and I'm fully booked at the moment,
and so is the other freelance CF programmer I know.

So - if you do freelance ColdFusion, can you please get in touch with me?
(on or off list, whatever.) It would be nice to have someone I can refer
people to when they call me with work I can't fit in.


  Paul Silver - tel: 01273 906020 or mobile: 07813 654285
  Web Development: http://www.paulsilver.co.uk
  Search Engine Promotion: http://webpositioningcentre.co.uk
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