[BNM] Freelancers meet tomorrow in the Hampton Arm - 'The Farm'

Paul Silver paul at paulsilver.co.uk
Tue Mar 17 14:59:41 GMT 2015

Tomorrow (Wednesday) our freelancers networking meet up is in the Hampton
Arms on Upper North Street. We'll be there from 8pm until closing. Anyone
who's a freelancer or in a small business is welcome to turn up for a chat
or to tout themselves about. If you fancy going freelance and want some
more info about it, come along and pick our brains.

Turnout is usually between 25 and 30 people, a mixture of web developers,
designers, copywriters, hosts, and people working on their own start ups.
We're a very friendly bunch so don't worry if you've never been to a
networking event before, you'll be very welcome. We have new people coming
along all the time so you probably won't be the only first-timer. You find
out more about what a typical night is like here: http://bit.ly/typicalfarm

The Hampton are giving us discounts on some drinks, so please tell the bar
staff you're with the Farm before you buy anything to find out what's on

Map: http://bit.ly/farmhamp (directions below)
Website: http://www.brightonfarm.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/brightonfarm

Notes from last week: Bad neighbours getting better, Developers making a
project more 'interesting' for no reason, Being more assertive, Reading
e-mails the wrong way and getting stressed over nothing, Office space,
Vinyl resurgence, Buying and selling - Ebay vs premises, Boring networking
events (not The Farm, of course), Unprovoked business card exchanges,
Postgres regexp searching, Starting a coworking group, Weird semi-hardware
projects, Worthing Coworking curry night, Copywriter's tummy, programmer's
moobs - the dangers of working sitting down, Thermal camera add on for
Android phones (very neat), "I had to break my Monster Munch addiction",
The new MacBook and Apple Watch, Ultra bright LED torches, LEDs with
graphene heatsinks, Moving in to a new area of consultancy, Avoiding boom
and bust cycles in freelancing, and many other things I didn't note down.

Directions from Brighton Station: come out of the station and walk straight
down the hill, turn right at the Clocktower. Cross at the traffic lights,
then turn right up the hill at Costa Coffee (Dyke Road).  Turn left at the
traffic lights in to Upper North Street, the pub is a little way along on
the left next to a church.

>From Hove & the coast: it's basically behind the big Primark on the high
street, next to a church.


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