[BNM] f up nights - could be good event to run in brighton

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> Hi
> Saw this was a new series of events being run round the world, with people
> sharing the mistakes they have made in business. Sort of cutting to the end
> of Lean business.
> f uck up nights - could be good event to run in brighton, if anyone was
> interested in running or helping run one.
> http://fuckupnights.com/
> I find case studies like these often the most helpful , and apart from
> getting stuck in spam filters, the name is quite to the point too.
> t

I could probably fill a whole month of those, single-handedly...

Although ... I've found most people here are terrified of the whole
concept, and although a lot of them claim to subscribe to "fail fast,
fail often", what they actually believe is:

 "Yeah! But when you say 'fail', you don't actually mean 'FAIL", you
mean just, you know, EXPERIMENT?

 and ... um ... don't do it OFTEN, just do it like ... once? Maybe?
... and ... yeah, no failing, really. Because failure is bad.".

Might be difficult to find speakers who embrace the idea fully?

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