[BNM] Freelancers meet up tomorrow in the Caxton Arms - 'The Farm'

Paul Silver paul at paulsilver.co.uk
Tue Feb 7 14:21:57 GMT 2017

Tomorrow (Wednesday) our freelancers networking meet up is in the Caxton
Arms on North Gardens. We'll be there from 8pm until closing. Anyone who's
a freelancer or in a small business is welcome to turn up for a chat or to
tout themselves about. If you fancy going freelance and want some more info
about it, come along and pick our brains.

Turnout is usually between 25 and 30 people, a mixture of web developers,
designers, phone app creators, copywriters, hosts, and people working on
their own start ups. We're a very friendly bunch so don't worry if you've
never been to a networking event before, you'll be very welcome. We have
new people coming along all the time so you probably won't be the only

The Caxton are giving us discounts on their real ale, so please tell the
bar staff you're with the Farm before you buy any of it.

Map: http://bit.ly/caxtonmap (directions below)
Website: http://www.brightonfarm.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/brightonfarm
Meetup group for reminders: https://www.meetup.

Notes from last week: Does coworking with offices lead to an us-vs-them
mentality?, Do full time employees do less in coworking spaces? (i.e. not
clearing up), Google Cardboard filming, Microsoft being better about open
source, Noops / serverless, "The loop of idiocy is getting shorter" AKA
Paul is getting old, Rock Place - Hastings coworking, Nom nom nom (Caxton's
excellent food), BSD on Mac Minis / PowerPC architecture, Smalltalk and
working in a language that controls your ecosystem, Deciding what to do
when you're known for various things, ColdFusion lives as Adobe / Lucee /
Railo but almost everyone has left it behind, Learning your second or third
programming language, Trump (as ever), Getting in to the last stages of a
project, Writing lovely things in a language no one else wants to use,
Moving to Worthing = house for the cost of a small flat in Hove, Getting
going as a new freelancer - surviving the first plodding steps, and lots of
things I missed noting down.

Directions from Brighton Station: come out of the station and walk straight
down the hill, turn right at the first set of traffic lights, then take the
first left in to North Gardens, the pub is a little way down on the left.

>From Hove & the coast: come to the Clocktower on Queens Road, walk up the
Queens Road hill towards the station, at the third set of traffic lights
(the first being at the Clocktower), turn left up Upper Gloucester Road,
then left again in to North Gardens. The pub is a little way down on the
left. There is a cut through involving alleyways from the Clocktower, but
it's awkward to explain.


Paul Silver - tel: 01273 906020 or mobile: 07813 654285
Web Development & Adwords management: http://www.paulsilver.co.uk

Weekly freelancers meet up: http://www.brightonfarm.com

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