[BNM] I have about 3 dozen "LootCrate" designed boxes

craigmoore at flashygraphics.co.uk craigmoore at flashygraphics.co.uk
Fri Feb 24 11:52:48 GMT 2017

As title, I have around 3 dozen Loot Crate designed cardboard boxes, 
each with a unique individual art/design inside, available if anyone 
wants them for free.

I've been collecting this stuff for a while and was thinking of simply 
recycling them, but I thought they might be useful either to anyone who 
liked the artwork or perhaps someone who ebays stuff a lot and needs 
lots of small boxes. They vary in size but are big enough for 2-3 books 
each roughly.

Anyway, available to collect, give me a shout on 07919 126 386 am in 
central Brighton near Bhasvic.



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